Saturday, 11 August 2012

Criticism of Ancestry outages

Ancestry ( was offline yesterday (Fri 10th) for some four hours, from 6am-10am. The ComputerWorld website has picked up on the story and sates that this is becoming a more regular occurrence. Its story is at

I have to admit that it is not something I have come cross too often with the site myself, though I was away yesterday when this one happened! What are the experiences of other readers?


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  1. I have been away this week, so have not used Ancestry. This outage appears to have affected all Ancestry sites, but often an outage affects only one site. In this case, try logging on using any other Ancestry website.

  2. I had some initial problems yesterday maintaining a link to some of Ancestry's pages, but today - despite being subscribed to several Rootsweb mailing lists - I haven't received a single message from any of their genealogy lists. Something definitely up!!