Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Edinburgh burial records are being digitised

Edinburgh City Archives has announced in its January newsletter that it has started to digitise its burial records up to 1929, with more to follow.

According to the site, "This is just part of a national scheme involving the National Records of Scotland and will eventually result in these digitised images being made available online alongside those records of births, deaths and marriages already hosted on the Scotland 's People website."  The NRS has previously been involved in getting Glasgow's records digitised for the same eventual destination, so this all sounds promising!

The full January newsletter is available at

(With thanks to Chris Halliday @scotsgen)


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  1. A reminder that digitised records of Warriston Crematorium (1929-2009), Seafield Crematorium (1939-2009) and Seafield Cemetery (1888-2011) in Edinburgh, which all belong to the Edinburgh Crematorium Ltd., are already available online at

    In my research, I've found that some former residents of the Seafield Poor House (a joint poorhouse for North and South Leith) were buried in Seafield Cemetery.