Saturday, 26 January 2013

Isle of Man newspaper archive online

Thanks to the Genealogy in Time newsletter for the heads up on another important online newspaper resource, this time for the Isle of Man. The Manx Museum has placed online a fully searchable database via the Manx National Heritage page at containing some twenty seven Manx newspaper titles from 1792-1960. The service is not free, but is structured in a similar way to the Irish Newspapers Archive website, for those who have used that site - subscriptions are as follows:

24 Hour Pass - £7.00
7 Day Pass - £10.00
30 Day Pass - £30.00
365 Day Pass - £100.00

I've found the navigation around the site a little confusing, so do stick with it if you encounter the same, as there is some good stuff there.

Incidentally, the Genealogy in Time newsletter has classed this as a UK collection in its announcement - but the Isle of Man is not in the United Kingdom! Although based in the Irish Sea the island is an independent self-governing British Crown Dependency, like Gibraltar and the Channel Islands, though the British Government is responsible for its foreign policy and defence. It has its own parliament (the Tynwald), its own dialect of the Gaelic language (Manx Gaelic) and more.

(With thanks to Genealogy in Time)


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