Sunday, 23 February 2014

New tithes and headstones databases from TheGenealogist

The Genealogist ( launched a few new items on its site at the Who Do You Think You Are Live conference, including a major project on English and Welsh tithes records. The following is a summary of the new initiatives:

National Collection of Tithe Records

This database of tithe records from England and Wales, dating to 1836, will provide some 11 million records upon completion. It will be released in two phases - the first will reveal all tenants and landowners from over 11000 English and Welsh parishes, noting if they owned the land they resided on, how the land was used, and more. The second phases, expected in Spring 2014, will add images of microfilmed maps with the plot references. The third and final phase, due 20-15, will see high resolution colour maps made available of the large original maps.

The tithes records are sourced from the Kew based National Archives series collections IR29 and IR30.

UPDATE: I previously could not find this on the site when I got home from London, but thanks to the comment below from 'Arkessian' for the heads up that the dataset is to be found at the Poll, Electoral Rolls and Landowners section - the site has obviously been updated since I last looked!

International Headstone Image Database

This is a new project to try to preserve information found on headstones, following on from the company's recent acquisition of a site called Last Resting Place ( Located via The Genealogist's UK Indexer project, the headstone project, hosted at, is described as follows:

TheGenealogist is starting a new project for 2014 to photograph and transcribe churchyards from around the country. We are building the most comprehensive record of headstones for family research and help preserve the memories these fragile stones provide.

A breath of fresh air
Enjoy the outdoor life, genealogy or photography? Join our project and photograph headstones in your area.

We are looking for volunteers to take the pictures as well as transcribe records.

Earn credits to spend on family history
With every stone photographed or transcribed you will be earning credits to spend against subscriptions at TheGenealogist or products at GenealogySupplies.

Parish Records

The Genealogist has also added 1.5 million new Anglican parish records to its site for churches based in Essex, Worcestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset. The records date back to the 1500s.

(With thanks to Nigel Bayley)


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  1. The tithe apportionments are in the Poll Electoral Rolls and Landowners section.