Friday, 21 February 2014

The new GRO Northern Ireland records platform

Everything comes to those who wait!

The General Register Office of Northern Ireland is currently in London demonstrating its new ScotlandsPeople style records platform, and I`ve been able to have a wee look. Verdict - it`s going to be great!

The site will be very similar to the Scottish site, with closure periods for access to the birth records less than 100 years old, marriages less than 75 and deaths less than 50. On the down side, this unfortunately includes the indexes, not the case with Scotland. However, if all goes well the site will be up and running by early April (not March 14th as previously reported), and the cost will be 40p per enhanced search (a basic search will be free), and a record image £2 - these prices should be confirmed very soon.

Searches will return the following details:

Basic search (free):
Registration district, year, surname, first forename, sex, mother`s maiden surname

Further details from Enhanced search (one credit):
Sub-district, district of birth, date of birth, child`s second forename, mother`s surname and forename, father`s surname and forename

Basic search (free):
District, year, surname of subject of search, forename of subject of search

Further details from Enhanced (one credit):
Place of marriage, date of marriage, surnames and forenames of both parties to marriage, date of birth/age

Basic search (free):
Registration district, year, surname, first forename, sex

Further details from Enhanced search (one credit):
Sub-district and district of death, date of death, second forename, date of birth/age at death, marital status

As can be seen, quite a lot of details will be available from an enhanced search alone, but the full certificate images will also add more, including occupations and addresses.

Keep an eye out, not long to go now! Although not yet active, the new website address granting access will be

Oh - and I hear the GRO in the Republic of Ireland is very interested to see how the northern platform works out. Will a southern equivalent soon be on the cards?!

(With thanks to GRONI)


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