Monday, 26 January 2015

Down and Out in Scotland - coming soon

I blogged last week that a revised second edition of my Irish Family History Resources Online guide book is now available from the good folk at Gould Genealogy - details on what it contains are available at

By way of an update, I have also now sent through the text for a new Scottish guide book, provisionally entitled Down and Out in Scotland: Researching Ancestral Crisis. A lot of books on Scottish genealogy (including many that I have written), have concentrated on records and sources that can be found to help trace back your family history. In this new guide, I've taken a slightly different approach to look into some of the situations where a family is often best recorded, when it faced its most perilous situations, and how those situations were documented by somebody close to hand with a quill and ink. These include periods of illness, poverty, debt, bankruptcy, rebellion, mental illness, criminal prosecutions, victimhood, and much more. I'll let you know more in due course about its availability!

In the meantime, for details of my other Unlock the Past published books on Scottish land records (and inheritance), Scottish church records, and Scottish civil registration records (both online and offline), as well as titles from other genealogists based around the world, please see Ebook versions are also available at, whilst details on how to obtain my titles in Canada and England are accessible at


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