Saturday, 31 January 2015

Genealogy Without Borders - my lecture given in Canada May 2014

In May 2014 I was kindly invited to Ontario to speak at the Niagara branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society's conference, entitled Genealogy Without Borders. In addition to giving talks at the main conference I was also invited to give the keynote Houston Lecture on the Friday evening before it got under way.

On many occasions when giving talks I will record what I say using the Evernote programme on my iPad, simply so that I can review it in due course and make sure that I didn't make too many errors when delivering it! Over the last 2 days I've been spending a bit of time looking into how to use the Audacity and SoundCloud programmes, with the possibility in due course of perhaps creating some podcasts for this blog. As part of this, I have tidied up the recording I made in Niagara of my talk, which was the most enjoyable that I think I've ever given, as I had a fair bit of a laugh with the audience (always a good crowd in Ontario - looking forward to returning again in September!), but also because this was a bit of a one-off, to tie in with the theme of the conference. The lecture is now presented here, with the permission of the Niagara branch of the OGS ( - I've reduced it by about 5 minutes for various reasons (it's now about 50 mins), but I hope you enjoy it!

Attentive crowd!

Sruth na Maoile (Straits of Moyle)

Genealogy Without Borders

(With thanks to Steve Fulton at the OGS Niagara branch)


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