Thursday, 5 March 2015

US residents serving with British and Canadian forces in WW1

Ancestry ( has two new military databases that may be of interest:

U.S., Residents Serving in the British Expeditionary Forces, 1917-1919

U.S., Residents Serving in Canadian Expeditionary Forces, 1917-1918

The source is 'Records of the Selective Service System (World War I). The National Archives at College Park, Maryland'. Further details are available via the links.


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  1. My great grandfather served in WWI, was from scotland, came to US in late 1800s, went back to serve in WWI and returned back to US after war in 1912, can find no records, other than one file card that says he served...

    Name: Allan Tannock
    Gender: Male
    Birth Date: 28 Aug 1873
    Birth Place: Scotland
    Residence Age: 44
    Residence Date: 17 Jul 1918
    Residence Place: R. F. D
    Marital Status: Single
    Serial Number: 1850

  2. Only one Allan Tannock is found close to this period in Scotland, and that is Allan Cleugh Tannock, born 28 AUG 1869 (not 1873) in Greenock, Renfrewshire, to Quinten Tannock and Margaret Porter (see for original record). Several online hosted family trees on show him to have died in Oregon, USA, in 1927