Monday, 29 June 2015

Review of my "Down and Out in Scotland" book

It's been a busy year on the book writing front for Unlock the Past, with my Irish Family History Resources Online book updated in January for a second edition, and my Down and Out in Scotland: Researching Ancestral Crisis book released in February.

American based genealogist (originally from England) Paul Milner has given a great review for the Down and Out in Scotland book at, noting in particular that it "assumes you have done your basic research and you want to go further, into more depth, and explore the troubled lives of your Scottish ancestors. It will help you understand how Scottish society worked, what records were created, may have survived, and may have been indexed and how to access transcripts or the originals. There is much in this volume that I have not seen in other Scottish guide or reference books, so is highly recommended for those wanting new avenues to explore."

A huge thanks to Paul, and a quick plug in return for his own UTP books, Buried Treasure: What's in the English Parish Chest and Discover English Parish Registers.

Our books are available from several retailers across the world, along with titles from many other authors. The outlets are:

My History (UK)
Gould Genealogy (Australia)
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And keep an eye out for the imminent release of my next title Discover Irish Land Records - and other forthcoming Unlock the Past titles...!


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