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Twile genealogy based timeline website launches

From new website Twile (

New Website Lets Family Historians Share What They Find
Twile aims to make Genealogy more engaging for the whole family

Sheffield, UK, June 1, 2015 - Twile ( allows family historians to create rich, visual timelines of their family history, made up of milestones and photos from their ancestors’ lives. Genealogy services, like MyHeritage and Ancestry, focus primarily on providing access to historical records. Twile, on the other hand, helps users get a visualization of the information and easily share it with their family.

“We’ve found there is a family historian in pretty much every family, who gathers as much information as they can about their heritage,” said Twile co-founder, Paul Brooks. “Unfortunately, most of their family will never see any of it, either because it isn’t shared or because it’s hidden away in notes and scanned documents that are difficult for most people to digest.”

Through online surveys and conversations with genealogists, Twile found that most family historians keep their research behind website logins, on their home computer or in physical boxes. They typically share their findings verbally and rarely give access to online or offline files.

Paul said, “There is a real danger that all of the family history that’s been uncovered will be lost, unless it’s shared and someone else continues the work. We’re aiming to give genealogists a place to privately share their family history - a way that will make the younger generations want to explore the history and contribute to it.”

The website is completely free to use, allowing users to build or import their family tree and create a timeline by uploading photos or adding milestones - such as birth, marriage and death - for anyone on the tree. Twile Plus is a premium subscription service and is available for £19.99 per year, giving access to a wider library of milestone types.

About Twile
Twile, based in Sheffield and Manchester UK, was started in 2013 by Paul Brooks and Kelly Marsden. Both with young families, they were looking for a way to give their children a record of their early years and a knowledge of their ancestors. While the website is aimed primarily at family historians, it’s also designed to encourage the rest of the family to add their own, more recent content.

Twile launched as part of the DotForge Accelerator in Sheffield UK and has since been backed by Creative England (who bring capital through the Government’s Regional Growth Fund) and a number of UK angel investors, including Lee Strafford, one of the original co-founders of Plusnet, which was sold to BT Group in 2007.

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