Friday 5 July 2019

Latest additions to FindmyPast

The latest mix of additions to FindmyPast (

British Officers Serving In Early America, 1614-1787
Explore six fascinating 19th century publications that record then names and details of British Army Officers serving in America prior to and during the Revolutionary War.

Pennsylvania Immigrants, 1727-1776
Explore this 1856 publication which, in its own words, is a 'A Collection of Upwards Of Thirty Thousand Names Of German, Swiss, Dutch, French And Other Immigrants In Pennsylvania From 1727 To 1776: With A Statement Of The Names Of Ships, Whence They Sailed, And The Date Of Their Arrival At Philadelphia, Chronology.'

Pennsylvania, Oath of Allegiance
Did your ancestor arrive in Pennsylvania between 1727 and 1775 or between 1786 to 1808? This records hold the names of thousands of male immigrants who were required to take an oath of allegiance to the British Crown and the Province of Pennsylvania as well as immigration lists between 1786 and 1808. Within these pages you will find your ancestor's name, the ship they arrived on, there and arrival ports, and arrival date. Names are organised by vessel.

British Army Records & Regimental Histories
One new publication, The CIV and the War - Illustrated Souvenir of the City of London Imperial Volunteers, has been added to the collection.

British & Irish newspaper update
This week we have added 132,230 brand new pages to the collection. We are delighted to welcome over 100,000 pages to our specialist country pursuits publication Field, which covers an array of topics, such as farming, fishing and country house management. It is a wonderful window into the world of the Victorian country gentleman, and we now have 2,348 issues available to search. We have also added new pages to two of our Staffordshire titles – the Walsall Observer, and South Staffordshire Chronicle and the Staffordshire Sentinel. These new pages cover the late 1890s and early 1900s,

International records update – Austria
Three indexes of Austrian births, baptisms, marriages and burials are now available to search.

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