Sunday 14 July 2019

New address for IWM's Lives of the First World War

I have just noticed that the Lives of the First World War project, which ended in March of this year, is now back up and running at a new web address and platform at

From the site:

IWM’s Lives of the First World War tells the stories of individuals from across Britain and the Commonwealth who served in uniform and worked on the home front.

This innovative digital project ran from 12 May 2014 to 19 March 2019. From individuals and families, to communities and organisations, more than 160,000 people collaborated to piece together the lives of people who experienced the conflict, through sharing anecdotes and digitising material that has been hidden away in attics until now.

The project is no longer taking contributions, being now very much a permanent digital memorial site which allows you to search for individuals and communities that were established throughout the original project.

It's an impressive project, and well done to the IWM for bringing it back so quickly - have fun exploring!


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