Tuesday 13 September 2011

BBC Red Button WDYTYA features

From the BBC Internet blog:

First Click

BBC One's smash hit genealogy series Who Do You Think You Are? is encouraging computer novices to go online and research their own genealogy as part of the BBC's First Click campaign.

The series delves deep into celebrity family ancestry, uncovering a host of hidden pasts and shock revelations.

Larry Lamb presents three fascinating films, available on the BBC's Red Button, in which experts explain how viewers new to computers can use some of the key resources available to the amateur family historian.

Each film features examples and stories from the current series highlighting how passenger lists, birth, marriage and death certificates; census returns, Army Service records, foreign records and Poor Law records can all be accessed online.

A special family history guide for new computer users offering advice, tips and encouragement to get online is available at bbc.co.uk/firstclick and at venues running the popular First Click beginners courses.

Wed 14th September, 9:55pm-4:00am

Wed 14th September, 9:55pm-10:50pm

Virgin Media:
Wed 14th September, 9:55pm-4:00am

Comment - about bl**dy time! The red button features were what made the first series of WDYTYA so accessible to the viewers.


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