Thursday 15 September 2011

Scorched Earth - book offer

Naval and Military Press has a weekend offer on one of its titles:

The Germans on the Somme
By Gerhard Hirschfeld, Gerd Krumeich, Irina Renz
Hardback 224 pages
Published at £19.95 THIS WEEKEND ONLY PRICE £4.95

ONLY 300 COPIES OF THIS TITLE AVAILABLE (you can find it in the special offer section of the website)

This book discusses in detail the experience of German warfare in the first World War, focusing specifically on the battle of the Somme.

The Somme, together with other regions of northern France, had lain under German domination. And its inhabitants had been rigorously suppressed and their possessions carted off as booty. Finally, during their 1917 withdrawal, the Germans had subjected the whole region to Operation Alberich, a retreat involving unparalleled brutality which left the population in occupation of a wilderness wrought by war (the "scorched earth policy").

It was a planned withdrawal to new positions on the shorter, more easily defended Hindenburg Line which took place between 9 February to 15 March 1917 and which eliminated a salient between Arras and Saint-Quentin.

The operation began on February 9 1917 throughout the area that the German army planned to abandon. Railways and roads were put out of action, trees were felled, water wells were polluted, towns and villages were destroyed and a large number of mines and other booby-traps were planted. 125,000 able-bodied French civilians in the region were transported to work elsewhere in occupied France, while children, mothers and the elderly were left behind with minimal rations.

This is well-researched account, the authors have combined their skills to produce a book which includes private testimonies. Amongst these are many unknown or previously unpublished letters and diaries as well as numerous photographs.

The Small Print
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