Thursday, 14 June 2012

New Dorset records on Ancestry

I mentioned a few days ago that some of the following were imminent - I just didn't realise they were that imminent! Ancestry ( has made available the following collections, as indexed through the World Archives Project:
  • Dorset, England, Land Tax Returns, 1780-1832
  • Dorset, England, Dorchester Prison Admission and Discharge Registers, 1782-1901
  • Dorset, England, Convict Transportation Records, 1724-1791
  • Dorset, England, Calendars of Prisoners, 1854-1904
  • Dorset, England, Vagrant Passes, 1739-1791
  • Dorset, England, Jury Lists, 1825-1921
  • Dorset, England, Alehouse Licence Records, 1754-1821

For more information on the releases read the company's blog post at

(And thanks to Ancestry for reinstating the New Records link on the home page!)


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