Thursday 11 October 2012

Churchill Archive Online goes live

A new archive has gone live online concerning former Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Here's the blurb:

Sir Winston Churchill Digital Archives Go Live

Bloomsbury Publishing (“Bloomsbury”) today announced the delivery of the Churchill Archive website on the opening day of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Bloomsbury has published the entire archive, almost one million documents, in digital format for university libraries, public libraries and schools to access on demand. The content of the archive has been made available to a global audience who will be able to study one of the largest and most important collections of primary source material of any individual leader in history.

This follows the completion of a two year digitisation process in agreement with the Sir Winston Churchill Archive Trust and Churchill Heritage (on behalf of the Churchill family), represented by Curtis Brown, London.

The new digital edition of the Churchill Archive Online transports the reader back in time and enables one to see the mass of drafts, letters, memoranda and papers passing across the desk of Winston Churchill at different phases in his long and distinguished public life. This comprehensive raft of documents, illuminating the life of Winston Churchill and the characters and events surrounding him, is accessible and searchable as never before.

It is expected that these writings will be an essential resource not just for teachers, undergraduates, historians and researchers but also those in the field of politics, business studies, linguistics and leadership as well as any member of the general public with an interest in 20th century history.

The full news release is at, with the site itself at

(With thanks to @churchillonline)


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