Tuesday 9 October 2012

Genes Reunited launches Keepsafe

From Genes Reunited (www.genesreunited.co.uk)


· At launch 2.7 million private images uploaded to keepsafe
· Over 260 million relation profiles already created
· New, fresh and easy to use design

New relation profiles where details can be see all on one page

Today leading family history website Genes Reunited added new and innovative features including a Keepsafe, for digitally storing all of your family records, photos and memories and Relation Profiles, where you can view and edit details about each individual in your tree. This latest addition comes after genesreunited.co.uk recently refreshed its appearance with a new, and easy to navigate redesign.

The Keepsafe is a unique and organised way to collate your family history. It’s a place for members to safely store and share documents, from photos and certificates to maps and letters. It’s available to all members, who’ll have the option to open their images to the public, keep them private or share them with other members, family and friends. They’ll even be able to share their Keepsafe on facebook. At launch today there are over 2.7 million private images already uploaded to Keepsafe.

Relation Profiles are automatically created for each relation Genes Reunited members add to their family trees. It includes a clear timeline, notes section and immediate family tree. There’s a section prompting members what to do next in their research. You can edit the details and these changes will be reflected in the tree. You can view any photos or records that are attached to the person too. Each profile can also be printed, so you can share your discoveries with your family.

Genes Reunited automatically creates ‘Hot Matches’ where members who have the same relations in their family tree are matched with each other. Many members have collected rich data on their relatives and having the option to share this with other members can be very beneficial to their research. At launch there will be over 260 million profiles already created, that’s equivalent to over 4 records for every man, woman and child in the UK.

Rhoda Breakell, Head of Genes Reunited, comments: “Imagine being able to find out more information about your ancestors than you could have ever hoped for. Stories, timelines and more besides….Relation Profiles are a place where our members can store all of this information and then share it with each other. Who knows what anecdotes someone else might have written about your ancestors?”

The Keepsafe and Relation Profile pages are available online at www.genesreunited.co.uk for all members.


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