Wednesday 10 October 2012

The Gathering: Homeward Bound TV series

A new six part series, The Gathering: Homeward Bound, which is part family history and part advertisement for Ireland's 2013 Gathering, has just started to air in Ireland. Each week, a famous emigrant from Ireland goes back home to his home town to catch up with friends past, and to then extend an invite to the world to come and visit his or her wee bit.

Episode One, presented below, features comedian and singer Brendan Grace returning to Dublin's Liberties.

The Gathering: Homeward Bound's YouTube channel is located at

Sounds like a good idea for STV to think about for the next Homecoming in 2014! :)

COMMENT: Just watched it, and despite the blatant plugs for 2013, it was surprisingly emotional, particularly the reunion between the gent from Surrey and his childhood friend. If you've left Ireland (and b*gger which part!), you'll twig where this is coming from - and Scottish Television, please watch and adapt for 2014!!! Wonderful programme, real feel good feeling at the end, and very much looking forward to the rest of the series.

UPDATE: Series trailer:


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