Wednesday, 10 October 2012

War Walks: Blitz

Here's the final episode of War Walks from 1997 which I had an involvement with, placed on YouTube  a few weeks back. This episode was about the Blitz - though I'm not actually credited on this one, as I only had a hand in a day's filming at Duxford which was ultimately cut!

Originally we were going to include the Battle of Britain in the first part of the programme, so my involvement was to help with filming a pilot called Bob Doe, one of the Few. Although this whole section ultimately disappeared in the edit for time considerations, I was so impressed by Bob that when I went to Scottish Television a few months later I pitched a programme for the Secret History series about The Few, which was subsequently commissioned and made for Channel 4 (and I got to meet Bob again!). The loss from the War Walks programme was unfortunate, though certainly that film ended up all the better for it - enjoy!


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