Monday, 8 October 2012

War Walks: Naseby

Here's the third of the War Walks episodes I worked on in 1997, this time on the Civil War battle of Naseby. I've just been informed that both series are on YouTube - I worked on the second run, and it was the most fun TV series I ever worked on at the BBC. Enjoy!

Some behind the scenes stuff:

1) I was shot during this - by the Sealed Knot at Ashby-de-la-Zouche to be precise! A group of the re-enactors lined up to fire just over the camera with their matchlock muskets, and fired on command. I was by the camera, and was hit in the chest - thankfully only by some packed grass that had been used as wadding to hammer in the gunpowder shot. No bullets used, but if there had been, I wouldn't be writing this now!
2) Heather ale became the drink of the shoot.
3) We had the pleasure of Richard's wife and daughters as company on one day of the shoot, and the ever faithful Thatch the wonder horse!


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