Thursday, 3 January 2013

Irish newspapers lose the plot

Dick Eastman has just posted something which I thought was a wind up at first, but after a bit more reading appears to be genuinely true. On his blog he has just announced that 15 Irish newspapers want to charge people a license fee to place links to online stories covered in any of their titles, because they see the use of a URL as a breach of copyright. See

Upon a bit more digging I have found a post on a Dublin based solicitor's blog at on the subject, and it appears that this is no joke - except, of course, for the fact that it produces the same reaction of uncontrollable laughter from those being asked to take it seriously.

Seriously lads - give over, before I ask my youngest son to do a Podge and Rodge impression on YouTube and describe you as a bunch of feckless rogues... :)

(With thanks to Dick Eastman)

PS: If anyone wants to link to this story, please feel free to do so with my blessing.


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