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Ablemen of Norwich
The Old Free Book of the city of Norwich includes this muster roll of about 1457. Able-bodied men are listed subleet by subleet, with a note of the armour furnished or sum of money raised towards buying armour. About 600 persons are assessed, 80 of whom assessed for money only appear to be additions to the original list. A total of 480 jacks were assigned: a 'jack' being a jacket similar to a gambeson or doublet.

Essex Feet of Fines: Easter 44 Elizabeth to Hilary 1 James I
Abstracts of Essex pedes finium - law suits, or pretended suits, putting on record the ownership of land.

Cheshire Merchants
William Tunnicliff's 'Topographical Survey of the Counties of Stafford, Chester, and Lancaster' included directories of the principal merchants and manufacturers in each county. For Cheshire, there are lists of traders in Chester, Congleton, Knutsford, Macclesfield, Middlewich, Nantwich, Northwich, and Stockport and neighbourhood.

Subscribers to 'Poetical Scraps'
'Poetical Scraps' by Thomas Clio Rickman of Upper Marylebone Street (author of 'The Evening Walk', 'Letter to Mr Pitt', 'To the Bishop of Landaff', &c. was published by the author, in London, in 1803, and sold also by Mr Symonds, Paternoster Row; Mr Fisher, at his Library, on the Steyne, Brighton; Mr Lee, Lewes; Mr Claris, Canterbury; Mr Flower, Cambridge; Mr Watts, Gosport; Messrs Gore and Son, Liverpool; Mr Cowdroy, Manchester; and Mr Rackham, Bury St Edmunds.

Naval Pensioners: Superannuated, Wounded and Meritorious Conduct
'An Account of Pensions payable on the Ordinary Estimate of the Navy, and of those granted by his Majesty's Sign Manual, out of the Money arisen by the Sale of Old Naval Stores'. The lists give full name, rate of pension, and date of award, and are arranged by rank - administrative staff, admirals, boatswains, captains (including some captains' children and mothers), carpenters, cooks, dockyard staff, gunners, lieutenants, masters, pursers, rear admirals, sea officers, surgeons, as well as widows of commissioners of the navy, French pilots (for meritorious conduct) and lieutenants in the Royal Marines.

The Scotch Greys at Waterloo
The muster roll of the officers and men of the 2nd or Royal North British Regiment of Dragoons who fought at Waterloo, 18 June 1815, and survived. Those wounded have 'w.' placed after their name. The 1st, 2nd and 6th Dragoons formed the second brigade of cavalry under Major-General Sir William Ponsonby (killed in action); the cavalry as a whole being commanded by Lieutenant-General the Earl of Uxbridge (wounded). The 2nd Dragoons (Scotch Greys) amounted to 391 men, under Lieutenant-Colonel J. I. Hamilton (killed in action). 'The Royal Dragoons, the Scotch Greys, and Inniskillings, General Ponsonby at their head, dispersed the enemy to a great distance, and precipitated themselves with unexampled boldness on the batteries at the right of the 1 corps, put the cannoneers to the sword and dismounted 30 pieces. But the cuirassiers of Lt. Gen. Milhaud, having advanced towards the chaussee to support the attack of infantry which had failed, the brigade of G. M. Travere from one side, and the 4th regiment of Lancers coming from the other, fell at the same time on these brave dragoons, who, not being able to resist this terrible shock, were cut to pieces and repulsed with considerable loss. The brave General Ponsonby was killed by the Lancers, boldly attempting to join the greater body of his brigade, from which he found himself separated.'

Naval Ratings Killed in 1915
The monthly lists of Royal Navy ratings killed from the start of the Great War from January to December 1915 are arranged alphabetically by surname and christian names, with rank, and official number. The lists include marines, merchant navy, reservists, and a few civilian canteen staff also killed in the conflict. Full names are given, except for a few cases where a middle name is represented only by an initial.

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