Friday, 3 May 2013

Genhound updates

Genhound has announced the following additions to its website at

Baron Family, Huguenots, 1534-1715, added 02/5/2013, search at:

Wigton Family of Cumberland, 1130-1348, added 29/4/2013, search at:

Scottish Deeds Index Vol29 PtB, 1689-1689, added 26/4/2013, search at:

Seventeenth Century Chancery Suits PtC, 1622-1647, added 23/4/2013, search at:

Scottish Deeds Index Vol29 PtA, 1689-1689, added 21/4/2013, search at:

Levinton or Levington Family of Cumberland, 1130-1300, added 19/4/2013, search at:

Monmouthshire Directory 1835, Pigot, 1835-1835, added 16/4/2013, search at:

Gresley Family of Drakelowe, 1086-1609, added 14/4/2013, search at:

Eighteenth Century Upper Class Gossip, 1721-1789, added 12/4/2013, search at:

Basset Family of Tehidy, 1091-1904, added 10/4/2013, search at:

Attwood and Gaunt Families, 1716-1888, added 08/4/2013, search at:

Ogle Family of Ogle, 1166-1902, added 06/4/2013, search at:

Seventeenth Century Chancery Suits PtJ, 1630-1646, added 05/4/2013, search at:


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