Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Family Tree episode 2

Last week I gave a brief review of episode 1 of the new Family Tree comedy series on BBC2, noting that it was quite clearly an episode to set everyone up in the show, and as such was quite a slow burner with not many laughs - I did note that it had some potential though, and was hoping for bigger and better things.

I didn't have long to wait - last night it really got underway and showed that it really was worth sticking with. If you are looking for advice on how to research your ancestry, it's not for you - but if you want to watch a show that hilariously exaggerates the expectations, discoveries, disappointments and more that many of us who do genealogical research often encounter, it is just the ticket. My twelve year old son and I watched it last night, and by the end of it we had tears streaming out of our eyes, it was that funny.

I'm giving nothing away - other than to humbly suggest that if last week you decided to hand the towel in, quickly go to your press, fetch a new towel, then sit and enjoy the second episode, "Treading the Boards" available on iPlayer at In the space of half an hour you'll maybe discover whether a Chinese gene skips a generation, and the kinds of domestic disputes often experienced by pantomine horses.



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