Monday, 29 July 2013

MyHeritage helps Holocaust restitution fund claimants

From MyHeritage (

Genealogy company, MyHeritage, identifies and notifies claimants entitled to Holocaust restitution funds.

MyHeritage, a leading genealogy company, has been using its unique search technology and extensive database, to identify and then notify potential claimants of Holocaust restitution funds. These individuals are usually descendants of victims of the Holocaust era who had property confiscated. So far the company has found and notified about 150 potential fund recipients, now living in different locations around the world, who were unaware of their entitlement to make a claim. MyHeritage are providing this service with no charge and for no gain.

This project demonstrates how family trees, genealogy and technology can be put to positive use. We are proud to have initiated this project and to be investing our resources into it, and we are very energized with the positive feedback that we are getting from the families we are helping.

Further details of the project can be found at or by contacting laurence @ .

(With thanks to Laurence Harris)


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