Saturday, 6 July 2013

RootsIreland births/baptism 40% discount

Claire Santry has just picked up on an offer from RootsIreland ( via its Twitter feed that all birth/baptism records are currently being discounted by 40% until July 14th.

Claire's post on the offer is at and highlights the usual clear-as-mud nature of a RootsIreland announcement. Claire notes that there is no mention of this on the company's site at all - not even in its news section - until you go to a search page.

I've just had a look, and it seems that birth/baptism records are now just 15 credits each instead of 25. However, from what I can see, you can't search for one record and just pay for that record at 15 credits - you still have to make a minimum purchase of 25 credits, and so once again there's a credits left over situation afterwards.

A discount is always welcome - particularly from a company that charges high rates for what it offers - but didn't we have enough of this nonsense recently when the site tried to reorganise its payment set up?!

(With thanks to Claire Santry)


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