Thursday 22 September 2016

Australian historian seeks participants for family history study

I've received a request from Dr Tanya Evans, MRes Director, Senior Lecturer and President of the History Council of New South Wales, with regard to a study that she is currently working on comparing family historians and the meanings of family history in Australia, England and Canada. Her request was to ask if I could participate - I mentioned I was none of the above, but an Irishman living in Scotland, and the response was, yes, I want that too!

Tanya's research will involve collecting survey data and a handful of oral history interviews. Her last book on family history in Australia, called Fractured Families: Life on the Margins in Colonial NSW, won the NSW Premiers' History Award in community and regional history. She has also written 2 books on the history of illegitimacy in England.

If you are happy to participate, please contact Tanya at and she will email a consent form and the survey. I completed the survey late last night, it will take a wee while to work through, so I'd allow at least an hour. There were some very interesting questions, I certainly found it a worthwhile exercise.


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