Tuesday 13 September 2016

Mothers maiden names search now permitted on LocalBMD site

From Ian Hartas of the UKBMD project, a notice regarding the LocalBMD section of the site (www.ukbmd.org.uk/local_bmd):

The various Local BMD websites have had another update to their software. The main visible difference is that instruction number 4 on the births search page has changed on the websites that have some data with mother's maiden names.

Instead of saying:
Enter a surname.

the new version says:
Enter either a surname, a mother's maiden name or both.

So, now you can search by mother's maiden name alone!

You may now leave the main surname field blank and enter just the mother's maiden name.

Also, to bring a bit more consistency to the search results the column order has changed so that the mother's maiden name column is now next to the other name columns, leaving all the reference columns in a group on the right. This also affects the layout of the option to output to a file.

Many thanks to Dafydd Hayes as usual for the Welsh translations of the various updated texts.

(With thanks to Ian)


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