Sunday, 5 February 2012

Rootstech lecture videos online

The three days of Rootstech ( lectures from the United States conference are available online at the main web address. I had intended to embed them here, but they all start playing at the same time when I do, and life's too short - so visit the site, you'll find them there!

In total there are about 22 hour worth of talks available, so a flask of coffee is highly advisable, and don't forget to stop for ten minutes half way through to remind your kids who you are...!

(With thanks to Rootstech)



  1. The RootsTech website is actually

    There are a couple of presentations I missed but I'll probably wait until these are posted as individual videos (apparently coming soon) as at the moment it's a bit of a challenge to locate any particular talk on the timelines!

  2. Oops, so it is - have just changed it, thanks.

    I did try to find a schedule on the site for the live talks, but the site appears to have withdrawn it. They did whittle down each talk from the list after they had been given, now nothing left! Individual talks should be going online in next week or so, I think I read somewhere.