Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Seallam Visitor Centre videos

I've just noticed the following videos posted on Twitter by Gordon Wells (@claisneachd), which are well worth watching if you have Hebridean ancestry.

The first carries an interview with Chris Lawson of the Seallam Visitor Centre and research service Co Leis Thu?, the second a more generic feature on Seallam. I've spoken with Chris by phone in the past, but it's great to put a face to a voice now! Chris' husband Bill Lawson has for many years been gathering information from families across the Western Isles, much of it derived from oral tradition as parish records started to be kept very late on in much of the islands.

There are plans to put some of these records online via a new site at www.hebridespeople.co.uk, though the announced date for the launch of this in Summer 2011 has well and truly passed. However, there is a great deal of background material on the Hebrides already available on the site, so well worth a visit, and hopefully the records will go online soon. In the meantime, have a butcher's at Seallam and the Isle of Harris (my favourite of the Western Isles, simply breathtaking scenery!)

(With thanks to @direcleit)


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