Monday, 7 May 2012

New releases from Eneclann

Some new Irish and British publications from Dublin based Eneclann (

Dail Eireann: The Minutes of Proceedings of the First Parliament of the Republic of Ireland, 1919-1921 (Official Record) (Download)
This fascinating and extremely valuable historical document, presented in Irish and English and extending to 292 printed pages, is an historical record of the initial hopes and aspirations of the founders of the first Dail.

I.O. (C J C Street), The Administration of Ireland 1920, 1921.
Having access to all the security and intelligence information gathered in Dublin Castle, this is a thorough account of the Irish War of Independence written by a participant and observer of events from a British stand point.

M W Spotswood Green, The Wrecks of the Spanish Armada on the Coast of Ireland, from the Geographical Journal, May 1906 (Download)
This is an exceptional resource for the study and location of the doomed Armada ships off the Irish coast.

John Smith, Irish Diamonds, 1847 (Download)
John Smith's Irish Diamonds; or, a theory of Irish Wit & Blunders: Combined with other kindred subjects. Containing some 194 printed pages John Smith's publication is less offensive and more amusing to a contemporary readership than it would initially appear.

There are also four new British titles in this newsletter:
  • Kelly's Directory of Kent, 1903 
  • Little Saxham Parish Registers 1559-1850, 1901
  • Andrew Lang and John Lang (with illustrations by Hugh Thompson)
  • Highways and Byways in the Border, 1913 and James Edmund Vincent (with illustrations by Frederick L Griggs) Highways and Byways in Berkshire, 1906.

The latest Eneclann nerwsletter is available at

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