Tuesday, 5 June 2012

War Hero in My Family completes first run

The Channel 5 series War Hero in My Family has ended after a quite simply brilliant transmission run - without a doubt this has been my favourite family history series since Family Ties was last broadcast on BBC4. Focussed very much on the Second World War, each episode had a slight twist on the story being told, with tonight's episode no exception - Bomber Command featured, but Robert Llewellyn's father was actually in a secretive bomber squadron (192) that dealt with electronic warfare, trying to scupper enemy radar etc. Angela Rippon's father's tale, both sinking the Bismarck and protecting Malta conveys was equally well portrayed.

If you missed it, the series is now available for the next year or so on the Channel 5 media player at www.channel5.com/shows/war-hero-in-my-family.

If any series ever deserved a second transmission and more importantly, a recommission, it is War Hero in My Family. Let's hope we see it soon!


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