Sunday, 7 October 2012

War Walks: Bosworth

Here's the second in the series of War Walks that I worked on as a researcher in 1997. The subject this time was Bosworth and the Wars of The Roses.

Some behind the scenes stuff:

1) There's a few sequences of armies on the march with close ups of flags moving, and also Richard on his horse Thatch doing the same - in some of the shots they weren't carrying the flags in the close up though, muggins here was! :)
2) Richard's line about "wise women, who always seem to be on hand in such moments" took a while to record. It was so funny that there was a lot of corpsing - best line of the series though!
3) The arrows being fired through the air was a cheat shot - they flew too fast when fired for real, so we had to cheat the shot by throwing a handful of arrows into the air
4) Rob Dangerfield's crossbow was seriously lethal - there was a lot of difficulty in removing the crossbow bolt from the piece of metal it was fired into


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