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Officers of Fifty New-Raised Companies of Marines
The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty directed the officers in the fifty new-raised companies of marines to 'repair, with the utmost Expedition, to the respective Head Quarters of the Company to which they belong, unless they are commanded elsewhere by their Superior Officers'. Twenty companies were raised at Portsmouth, eighteen at Plymouth, and twelve at Chatham.

Subscribers to Nisbett's Original Evidences
'An Attempt to Display the Original Evidences of Christianity in their Genuine Simplicity' by N. Nisbett, A.M., rector of Tunstall, was printed for the author in London in 1807. The list of subscribers generally gives surnames, occasionally with a christian name or initial, and addresses.

Births, Marriages and Deaths in India
The Indian Mail, 'A Monthly Register for British & Foreign India, China, & Australasia' commenced publication 9 May 1843 as a continuation of the digest of Eastern intelligence that thitherto had formed a part of the Asiatic Journal. The Register section contained notices of births, marriages and deaths from the presidencies of Calcutta (extending across northern India, and into Burma), Madras, and Bombay (including Aden), as well as Australasia, Ceylon, China, Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius, and Singapore.

Mariners' Church Donations
Each monthly issue of The Mariners' Church Soldiers' and Sailors' Gospel Temperance Magazine, published by the Temperance British and Foreign Seamen's, Soldiers' and Steamers' Friend Society, and Bethel Flag Union, to promote religious instruction and temperance moral reformation and general unsectarian missions in the British Empire, at home and abroad, contained a section of Acknowledgments of sums contributed by individuals or through the Bethel churches to the society's funds, and in support of the orphan home. There are general lists, as well as those for particular localities - Appledore, Aylesbury, Barnstaple and Newport, Bath, Bedford, Bembridge, St Helens and Ryde, Berkhampstead, Bideford, Bonchurch, Bradford (Yorkshire), Braintree and Bocking, Brighton, Bristol, Castle Hedingham, Chelmsford, Cheltenham, Chesham, Cirencester, Coggeshall, Colchester, Cowes, Devizes, Dunstable, Gloucester, Gosport, Greenwich and Woolwich, Halstead, Hampstead, St John's Wood and the suburbs of London, Hastings, Hemel Hempstead, Hitchin, Holloway, Hull, Ilfracombe, Ipswich, Islington, Leeds, Leighs (Essex), Leighton Buzzard, Lewes, London, Luton, Maidenhead, Maldon, Manchester, Marlborough, Mortimer, Newbury, Kintbury and Hungerford, Newport (Isle of Wight), Niton, Norwich, Readng, Richmond (Surrey), Rye, Salisbury, Shanklin, Shorwell, Slough and Nailsworth, South Molton, Southampton, Staines, Stony Stratford, Sudbury (Suffolk), Ventnor, Wakefield, Wallingford, Watford, West Bromwich, Winchester, Windsor, Winslow and Buckingham, Witham, Woburn, Worthing, Wroxall (Isle of Wight), Yarmouth (Isle of Wight), Yarmouth (Norfolk) and York.

Members of the Sussex Archaeological Society
"We may fairly ascribe the origin of the Society to the discovery, in the autumn of 1845, of the remains of Gundrada and De Warenne at Lewes Priory. That remarkable exhumation of the illustrious and long-buried dead, excited a deep and long-sustained interest, not only in the history of those noble personages, but also in the annals of the monastery they had founded, and in many cognate but hitherto much-neglected matters of research." By 1858 the membership had risen to about 550, and the tenth volume of Sussex Archaeological Collections had been published. The membership list gives christian name or initials and surname, and address. An asterisk prefixed to a name denotes a Life Compounder.

Infants in Irish Workhouses
Return, “with Christian and Surname of each, of Infants Born in Irish Workhouses, or Admitted thereto when Healthy under Twelve Months Old, and attempted to be Reared therein during the Years 1872 to 1874, showing what has since become of them”. The returns from each poor law union workhouse give: Christian and Surname of Infant Born in the Workhouse, or Admitted Healthy, under Twelve Months; Year; and whether discharged, healthy, in hospital, or dead.

Justices of the Peace, England and Wales
"Return giving the Names and Professions of all Justices of the Peace in the Boroughs and Cities of England and Wales, on the 1st day of June 1885, with the Dates of their Appointment; showing which were Non-resident, or had ceased for a Year or upwards to attend the Bench."

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