Thursday, 27 March 2014

Wobbly Williams Wobbly Day Out

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So, in a completely non-genealogy related story, I wanted to give a quick plug to something happening in Aberdeen soon. When I went to school in Carrickfergus, back in Northern Ireland, seated behind me in many of my classes was Bryndley Williams. Bryn was the class funny man, always good craic with his partner in crime Colin Logan.

Bryn now lives in Scotland. He has come to national prominence in recent years thanks to his work for a charitable group he has set up called Wobbly Williams ( Bryn now has Parkinson's Disease, but has taken a bad lot to make some good from it, working hard to raise funds to help try to find a cure. He is also as mad as a box of frogs, and in his own style has done so much in recent years to raise awareness of the condition, with his usual humour, and to raise funds to help treat it and other neurological diseases. You may well have seen him on national TV not so long ago on one of John Barrowman' shows on the Beeb, being thanked for his efforts, but his work goes on. Before he passed away in 2001, my father-in-law developed Parkinsons, and the world needs a few more Bryns to help raise awareness about it, and money to fight it.

Now Bryn is bringing the cast of Emmerdale up to Aberdeen! The event, A Wobbly Day Out with The Cast of Emmerdale, is taking place on Saturday June 14th. In fact, there's wee bit more on the cards than that - A Big Night In With The Cast Of Emmerdale on Friday 13 June at Thainstone Centre; a daytime event on Saturday 14 June at Storybook Glen featuring Its A Wobbly Knockout, The Jellympics and The Third ITC World Haggis Hurling Championships; and then The Wobbly Banquet on the Saturday evening at Thainstone House. It's his biggest fundraising event yet, where he hopes to raise £200,000, to help his work reach its goal of raising its first £1 million.

If you are suffering from Parkinson, Bryn's website is there to offer help and support. If you are looking for a good day out, Aberdeen is about to be invaded! For more information on the programme, and to book, visit

It will be very wobbly...!

(For additional Wobbly Williams events, keep an eye on Bryn's blog at


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