Thursday, 24 April 2014

Battle of Bannockburn Family History Project Exhibition

From the University of Strathclyde:

Battle of Bannockburn Family History Project Exhibition
21 June - 2 August, 2014
Hosted by the National Trust for Scotland in their new Bannockburn Visitor Centre

Do You Have A Warrior’s Genetic Code in Your DNA?

To mark the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, researchers have discovered genetic codes passed down the generations from the warriors who fought on the blood-soaked fields of 1314.

The Genealogical Studies Postgraduate Programme within the University of Strathclyde is currently running a Bannockburn Family History Project, exploring and revealing the genetic connections between Scotland’s medieval warriors and their modern day descendants.

By studying documents, archives and records, student researchers have traced the family trees of several Bannockburn warriors, which led to the discovery of several male descendants. Graham Holton, Principal Tutor with the programme explained that these modern day descendants of Bannockburn’s warriors were happy to undergo DNA testing, supported by Family Tree DNA, which enabled the researchers to pinpoint the genetic code each had inherited from their warrior ancestor. “Having identified the same genetic code in the men’s DNA, others, without a specific genealogical link to Scotland’s Bannockburn warriors will be able to discover if their forebears also fought at the history-changing conflict,” said Graham Holton.

“This cutting edge combination of genealogy, history and science underpins all the work of the Programme. In this case, by using family trees, historical research and DNA testing, we have brought to life a fascinating range of connections to present day descendants of Bannockburn’s brave soldiers.”

The key findings of the research will be on display at the Battle of Bannockburn Family History Project Exhibition at the Bannockburn Visitor Centre, from 21 June until 2 August, 2014. The exhibition features cameo profiles of selected Bannockburn warriors, including names, coats of arms, family trees and DNA results. “Visitors to the exhibition can see where their own backgrounds and histories fit into the different families – and we strongly suspect this will enable some visitors to the exhibition to discover, confirm, or begin to explore a link to the Battle of Bannockburn,” continued Graham.

In addition, Haydn Rees of MacDonald and Rees, revealed that in-depth family history research has been carried out on those families confirmed by the DNA testing as having a direct connection to warriors who fought at Bannockburn. “The experts at MacDonald and Rees have undertaken deeper and wider research into these family stories,” said Haydn. “This enabled our authors to write the unique stories of these people - stories which will be on display at the Battle of Bannockburn Family History Exhibition – ready to be explored’.

For further press enquiries, please contact: Graham S Holton, Principal Tutor Tel:  (0141) 548 3483 E-mail:

(With thanks to Strathclyde)


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