Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Stored searches problem on GRONI records platform

It looks like the demand on GRONI's new Northern Irish BMD records platform (see is causing a few problems with the system. Several users have commented that they have been unable to access previously viewed images, which should be available for 72 hours after purchase. I've only had this with one image, but have certainly encountered it.

GRONI is now telling folk that there is a problem with their stored search facility, but that their IT people expect to have it resolved by Friday April 4th. They have also stated that people who are experiencing the problem will be able to access the images for 72 hours once they have been restored. Let's hope the gremlins go quickly...!

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  1. On my iPad the Equals/Variants buttons don't seem work ( no variant spellings come up, and wild cards don't work). The date selection system us a real pain too! Entering a bride's name as well in a marriage search didn't work, although without it the right record appeared ... A lot of glitches!

  2. Still not fixed late this afternoon. I had done a power of work the day before and had to repeat all my searches continuously throughout the day - every time I got auto turfed off and had to log in again, all clicks on the saved seaches brought up error pages. It was really annoying. The auto time out is far too short. When I found something and got more details from it, I had other site's windows open looking for verification of what I'd learned. I lost count of the number of times I needed to login again.
    Still ever cloud has a silver lining, I could repeat searches as often as I Iiked and see basic listings as long as I had 40p in the kitty. I hate to think what that would have cost on ScotlandsPeople. They make a fortune out of using up credits just to see lists of possibles.