Friday, 20 November 2015

Latest FindmyPast releases

FindmyPast ( has two new collections which might be of interest:

British In Argentina, 1914-1919
This book contains information and photographs of British volunteers from Argentina who went back home to serve their country in World War I.

Additional Social & Institutional Records from Devon, England
Explore two centuries of Devon's social history to paint a vivid picture of everyday life there. We've added over 49,000 more records to the collection.

They've also made their English electoral records collection, released in early October, browsable.

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  1. Being able to browse the Electoral Registers is highly useful. If you know roughly where in a constituency someone lived (you hope), it's a moot point whether it's faster to use the browse or the search that hasn't parsed the names so can't distinguish "Catherine" the street from "Catherine" the name. And the downloads are .JPGs rather than .PDFs.

    PS I'm not sure I could have worked out how to parse the different formats of the registers - it's a case of Murphy's Law, not incompetence.
    PPS Unfashionable it may be to admit it - I'd have paid for this collection, though I'm blowed if I can see how to charge for it other than a simple subs.