Friday, 6 November 2015

More on Genhound's disappearance

Thanks to Andrew Chapman for the following on the Genhound site's disappearance (see He's picked up the following from a cached version of the website as found on the Internet Archive:

Note: Genhound regrets to inform visitors that no new information is currently being added to the Genhound website. As the company owner has moved overseas, it has not been possible to keep the site active. However, the existing information is still available for purchase, and support for customer queries will continue. If you do wish to purchase information, Genhound advises you to purchase the minimum number of credits necessary. Genhound is planning to find a new operator to continue to update the site, or for the database to be transferred to another existing operator. In such a case, it will be ensured that existing credits are honoured or refunded. Please contact Genhound on if you have any queries.


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