Monday, 27 August 2018

Dublin Metropolitan Police records join FindmyPast

The latest updates to FindmyPast (

Ireland, Dublin Metropolitan Police Prisoners Books 1905-1908 and 1911-1918
The Dublin Metropolitan Police prisoners books cover the year ranges of 1905 to 1908 and 1911 to 1918. These valuable records provide great insight into social and political life in Dublin during periods of great upheaval, including the start of the First World War and the Easter Rising. The records will provide useful information for those interested in genealogy, criminology, and family history.

Ireland, Dublin Metropolitan Police general register 1837-1925
Discover your ancestor in the Dublin Metropolitan Police's general registers. The records pertain to recruitment and transfers within the police force from 1837 to 1925. While the register was used up until 1975, due to data protection reasons, only the entries up to 1925 have been digitised and made available.

Wiltshire registers & records
Learn more about your Wiltshire ancestors with our collection of registers and records from the English county.

Westmorland registers & records
Learn more about your Westmoreland ancestors with three local publications, including:

Nebraska, Omaha births 1874-1887
Discover your ancestor in an index of Omaha, Nebraska, births from 1874 to 1887. Discover names, birth dates, and birth places, as well as parents' names.

British & Irish Newspaper update
This week we have added 140,716 new pages to our collection of historical British & Irish newspapers. We have added pages to six of our existing titles, including;

Evening Herald (Dublin) - 1892-1896, 1900, 1989, 1997, 2003-2004
Liverpool Echo - 1994-1995
Southern Times and Dorset County Herald – 1889
Horfield and Bishopston Record and Montepelier & District Free Press – 1912
Ampthill & District News – 1898
Drogheda Argus and Leinster Journal - 1905, 1913

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