Friday, 2 November 2012

Ancestry's latest batch of Archive CD Books releases

Ancestry ( has gone mad again with its Archive CD Books acquisitions! Here's the latest bunch of browse only releases now available on the website:

England and Wales, Parish Register Abstract, 1831
Nottinghamshire, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1566-1812
Yorkshire, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1594-1800
London, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1558-1875
Buckinghamshire, England, Selected Parish Records, 1559-1837
Cheshire, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1532-1837
Cornwall, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1592-1812
Croydon Inclosure 1797- 1801
Dialect of Cornwall by Jago
Dr Heylyn's Help to English History
East London-Besant
English Church Brasses from the 13th to 17th Century
English Costume
Erdeswick's Survey of Staffordshire 1844
Essex - A Guide to Colchester
Essex, A Dictionary of the County - Published 1915
Excursions Through Essex - 1818
Fairholt's Costume in England
Feudal England
Fish, Tin & Copper or Cornwall it's Mines & Miners
Forgotten Lincoln
Forty Miles Around Manchester
Fulham Old & New
Gawsworth, Cheshire - A Parish History
Gleanings from the Municipal and Cathedral Records relative to the History of the City of Exeter
Gloucester in National History
Gloucestershire 1730 Magna Britannia, Cox.
Gloucestershire: Little Guide
Greater London - A Narrative of Its History, Its People, and Its Places
Handbook of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk & Cambridgeshire (1892)
Hertfordshire - Little Guide 1903
Highways & Byways in Hampshire
Highways & Byways in Yorkshire
Highways & Byways of Wiltshire
Highways and Byways in Berkshire
Highways and Byways in Devon and Cornwall
Highways and Byways in Hertfordshire
Highways and Byways in Lincolnshire (1914)
Highways and Byways in Middlesex
Hill's Family Herbal 1812
Historic Warwickshire
History and Antiquities of the Hundred of Desborough
History of Aylesbury
History of Beaminster 1914
History of Blackburn
History of Bristol
History of Cirencester
History of England - 8 Vols
History of Exeter
History of Hampshire
History of Mangotsfield (Gloucestershire)
History of Northumberland - 1811 Volume 2
History of St. John's College Cambridge by Thomas Baker - Part 1
History of Taunton
History of the City of Chester
History of Wellington
Civil Divisions of Dorset
Complete History of the County of York 1831
Cornish Notes and Queries 1906
Corry's - The History of Lancashire
Cumberland, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1655-1942
Devonshire, England, Selected Parish Records, 1565-1812
Essex, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1550-1678
Lancashire, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1545-1812
Nottinghamshire, England, Selected Parish Marriages, 1577-1853
Shropshire, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1559-1837
Staffordshire, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1570-1649
Suffolk, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1558-1778
Surrey, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1599-1812
Sussex, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1538-1812
Warwickshire, England, Selected Parish Marriages, 1558-1812
Warwickshire, England, Selected Parish Baptisms, 1558-1652
Wiltshire, England, Selected Parish Registers, 1591-1812
Hoker's Description of Exeter

Caernarvonshire, Wales, Selected Parish Registers, 1541-1793
History of the County of Brecknock
History of the Independent Churches in Wales - 1871 (4 vols)
Monmouthshire, Wales, Selected Parish Registers, 1568-1812

Perthshire, Scotland, Selected Parish Baptisims, 1697-1847 (i.e. Muthil Episcopal Church Baptisms)
County of Ayr - In Ayrshire
Hand Book to St Andrews

Dionis' Chirurgical Operations 1733
District Handbook Ratepayers' Guide and Almanack 1911
Emigrant's Guide to South Africa 1880
Coaching Days and Coaching Ways
Complete Domestic Medicine 1849
Hone's Every Day Book 1826

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