Sunday, 8 September 2013

Book and talk on Altnachree Castle

From PRONI in Belfast (

Altnachree: An Irish Castle, A Family, and A Man With A Passion
Wednesday 9th October at 2pm

Joy Ware talks about a castle mystery, a bittersweet romance, exile from Ireland, faraway fame, misery and financial collapse.

Beginning in north Tyrone and Australia over a century ago, the storys depicts the eroding of the dignity of a wealthy family and leaving behind a beautiful home decaying into a hollow shell that can still be seen today.

Joy Ware, an Australian descendant of the Ogilby family who built Altnachree Castle on the side of a lovely valley near Donamana, has recently published a book on the story Altnachree: An Irish Castle, A Family, and A Man With A Passion.

WHEN: Wednesday 9th October at 2pm
HOW MUCH: Admission is FREE, booking is essential. Please contact PRONI at

(With thanks to Gavin McMahon)


My wife Claire is planning to swim from the Scottish island of Cumbrae to the town of Largs on September 14th to raise money for local charity Gillian's Saltire Appeal, providing respite for families affected by cancer (Claire's mum and sister in Ireland have previously come through cancer, whilst my mum, based in England, currently has bladder cancer). Her Just Giving sponsorship page, with further details, is at If you can help to sponsor her, even by a wee amount, we'd be very grateful - many thanks!

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