Friday, 27 September 2013

Forthcoming changes to Deceased Online site

News of some forthcoming changes to the Deceased Online website at

On Wednesday 9th October* the site will be changing some aspects of the way the Deceased Online website works. For most users the differences in day-to-day use of the website will be minimal, as the changes are limited to the way documents are priced and how you pay for them. Effective prices will not change.

Summary of changes:
  • Instead of 10 pence Credits, you will purchase Vouchers for varying Pounds Sterling amounts. These are similar to store vouchers and book tokens except you don't have to spend the whole value in one go.
  • The cost to view records will be shown in Pounds Sterling, not credits.
  • If you buy higher value vouchers, extra bonus amounts will be added to your account, which will be used towards the cost of viewing documents.
  • The tax point will be moved to the time of purchase of viewings, with a receipt available on demand for each viewing, via your viewing history.
  • Any existing credits in your account will be converted to vouchers at the full face value of 10p each, even if you paid less for them originally due to volume discount

These changes are explained in more detail here.

We trust you will find the transition straightforward, but don't hesitate to use the new website help pages and FAQs that will be available if you have any questions.

*The website will be unavailable from 09:00 hrs until 17:00 hrs BST (08:00 until 16:00 GMT) on the 9th October while the upgrade is taking place.

More records coming soon including collections from...

North Yorkshire
North East Scotland
A major London cemetery
Fascinating datasets from over 200 cemeteries at The National Archives

NB; In the more detailed document linked to above the following is the main reason cited for the change:

"We are now acting as an agent for all new contributors of records to the website. This means that when viewing records from these contributors (mostly burial and cremation authorities, private cemeteries and crematoria) you will be contracting directly with the contributor, rather than with Deceased Online (DOL) as before. There will be a few contributors who will still be on the original agreement type, where the website user contracts with DOL. The contractual arrangement for each contributor will be shown whenever you purchase access to their records."

(With thanks to Deceased Online)


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