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AGRA announces speakers for Sept 2019 conference

AGRA ( has provided further news of its second conference (see, including its speakers and talks programme, which will be of particular interest to those with English and Welsh ancestry:

Bloomin' Ancestors! Giving your family history personality

AGRA’s second conference, open to the public as well as AGRA Members and Associates, will be held in Pembroke College, Oxford University. It will commence with a formal dinner in the College Hall on the evening of 27th September. The lectures, featuring an exciting programme of expert speakers, will be held in the state-of-the-art Pichette Auditorium on Saturday 28th. It will be possible to come to the dinner and stay overnight or just attend on Saturday.

The conference speakers will be as follows:

· Dr Janina Ramirez will be the keynote speaker opening the Conference. She will be speaking about ‘Personalities of the Past’. Janina will be familiar as a British art and cultural historian, but above all as a presenter of history programmes on BBC4.

· Sue Adams - Follow the Money in the Property Records of the Manor

· Carol Kerry Green – Dying to Impress – Examining the role and image of the Press Gang (Impressment), particularly during war time. It will show how a single line in a burial register can lead to fleshing out an ancestor’s life and gaining an understanding of the times they lived in.

· Sue Paul – A Most Notorious, False, Lying Fellow: a Global Black Sheep or Maligned Character – a Case Study of Henry Smith demonstrating how you can use historical sources – East India Company Records, published source and private papers – to enhance your ancestral history.

· John Titford – Bounce Backers - ancestors who moved away, then returned home.

There will be three concurrent workshops as follows:

· Antony Marr – On the Authority of the Registrar General - Exploring the little understood area of re-registrations and corrections on register entries

· Susan Moore – Cracking Chancery Records

· Charity Rouse - Discoveries from Across the Pond

The conference dinner will be held on Friday 27th September in the medieval College Hall. We are very lucky to have the writer Nick Barlay as the after-dinner speaker. Nick has written four novels, including Scattered Ghosts, which tells the 200-year story of his Hungarian Jewish family through war, Holocaust and revolution to contemporary Britain.

For more information and bookings, visit

(With thanks to Sharon Grant, Chair, AGRA)


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