Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Ancestry releases D-Day war diaries and photos collection

Ancestry ( has added a new collection in time for the 75th anniversary of D-Day:

UK, D-Day War Diaries and Photographs, 1944
Source: London, England. The National Archives, Imperial War Museum.

About UK, D-Day War Diaries and Photographs, 1944

Historical Context

The Normandy Landings, commonly referred to as 'D-Day,' constituted the largest seaborne invasion in history. On 6th June 1944, a huge military force set out from the UK toward the beaches of Northern France. Allied plans and warships bombarded German defensive positions at the same time as thousands of soldiers were dropped by plane behind enemy lines. By the end of the day, 156,000 allied troops were ashore and engaged in pushing the German army back from the coast and, by the end of August, out of Northern France.

This Collection

This collection comprises selected War Diaries from D-Day as well as a collection of photographs from the front line. The war diaries document operations for select British units on 6th June 1944 and include reports on action, intelligence summaries, and other pertinent material.

Comment: The records including war diary contributions from the following regiments:

1 Hampshire Regiment Infantry
1 King´s Own Scottish Borders Infantry
1 Royal Norfolk Regiment Infantry
102 Anti-Tank Regiment
114 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
120 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
141 Regiment Royal Armoured Corps
168 Light Field Ambulance
186 Field Ambulance
2 Essex Infantry
2 Gloucestershire Infantry
2 Lincolnshire Regiment Infantry
203 Field Ambulance
223 Field Ambulance
224 Field Ambulance
24 Lancers
3 Commando Special Services
33 Field Regiment
4-7 Royal Dragoon Guards
505 Company Royal Engineers
53 Medium Regiment Royal Artillery
6 Airborne Division Armoured Recce Regiment
6 Airborne Division G
6 Commando Special Services
62 Anti-Tank Regiment
7 Battalion Parachute Regiment
716 Company Royal Army Sevice Corps
73 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment Royal Artillery
76 Field Regiment Royal Artillery
8 Brigade Field Ambulance
90 Company Royal Army Sevice Corps
HQ 185 Infantry Brigade
HQ 231 Infantry Brigade
HQ 27 Armoured Brigade
HQ 5 Para Brigade
HQ 8 Armoured Brigade GP
HQ 9 BR Infantry Brigade
Inns of Court Regiment
Marines War Diary Landing Craft Reports Normandy area
Staffordshire Yeomanry


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