Thursday, 13 June 2019

Don't forget Rootschat!

I've titled this 'Don't forget Rootschat', because that is exactly what I did. Rootschat ( is an online genealogy based discussion forum, covering the various countries in Britain and Ireland, and has a vast wealth of expertise.

I made a huge DNA discovery a couple of nights ago which looks like it could break a longstanding brick wall of mine from Northern Ireland (concerning my Watton family from Coleraine). Whilst Googling for additional material to support this discovery an old thread that I subscribed to many years ago about the family on Rootschat popped up, so I posted a short status update. Today I received an incredibly useful follow up, with another member suggesting a book and a resource back home that might assist further. I have now bought the book, and hope to pursue the resource when I can get a chance to visit.

There are many discussion forums online that can equally help, but Rootschat has always been one of the best. I'm looking forward to spending a few more hours on its over the next few days!


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