Thursday, 6 June 2019

D-Day remembered

There can't be many of us who do not have a connection to D-Day and Operation Overlord.

My grandfather's cousin John Brownlie MacFarlane, from Inverness, did not arrive in Normandy until shortly after D-Day (I believe it was D-Day+6, at Caen), with 194 Field Ambulance, but as lieutenant colonel at the time of his RAMC unit, he continued to push through France and across the Seine as part of Operation Overlord. He was given the Croix de Guerre for his actions during the campaign.

This is just some of the coverage and resources from countries whose Allied forces took part in D-Day:

The ‘Great Crusade’: D-Day, Operation Overlord and the invasion of occupied north-west Europe

D-Day and the Normandy Campaign, June 6 to August 30, 1944

Records Relating to D-Day

D-Day: Veterans and world leaders mark 75th anniversary

It was a good job well done, for a Europe that was well worth fighting for.


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