Thursday 1 November 2012

Cambridgeshire's CAMDEX indexes for BMDs

Cambridgeshire County Council Registration Service has announced a new online site produced in partnership with Cambridgeshire Family History Society to provide access to the indexes of births, marriages and deaths recorded at a local level in Cambridgeshire from 1837 to the present day. Known as CAMDEX, the site has some two million indexed records, and is free to use. The full story is at the Fenland Citizen website at

Locally registered documents sometimes contain more information than those transferred through to the centralised GRO, with a handful not even making it to the GRO, so can certainly be worth pursuing. To order a local copy of such a record will cost £10, though this now compares unfavourably to the records from the GRO at £9.25, following recently imposed price rises in England and Wales by the Westminster Government.

For equivalent indexes to local records in many other counties across England and Wales, visit the UKBMD site at

UPDATE: The link seems to have died for the Fenland Citizen - CAMDEX can be accessed directly at

UPDATE: And the Fenland Citizen link is alive again! :)


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  1. The UKBMD software continues to be available for any society or register office that would like to set up a BMD site. The UKBMD software is free of charge. Contact the UKBMD group via
    Currently over 39,000,000 index records are online using this software. All the site using this software can be searched in one go using the UKBMD multi-region search page.