Thursday, 1 November 2012

Family History Centre query re: FamilySearch

I've had the following message from Penny Holt, a reader of the blog in Canada:

I'm hoping that you can pass this on.

A number of record sets that Family Search has loaded are available to the general public to view only at FHCs or to signed in members of supporting organizations. Because of this I went to the FHC in Victoria, British Columbia as that is most local to me. The volunteer there was remarkably helpful and generous, but there was no way we could make these images appear. She called Family Search IT in Utah. To make a very long story short, it seems that in some FHCs the images come up just fine but in others they just won't come up. This applied to any set that was 'browse images only' no matter where the records are from and to various FHCs globally. They are working on it. Much to our volunteer's chagrin, Family Search did not sent out an email to the FHCs about this because they said it applied to only some of them and not all. So, if you are going to your local FHC, you might want to call ahead to make sure that this feature is functioning. Otherwise you'll exactly the same thing you'd get at home.

Penny Holt
Victoria, British Columbia

COMMENT:  I'm no techie, so if anyone can clarify why this might be, and particularly if it is the same situation here in the UK, I'd be grateful!

(Thanks to Penny)


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  1. When I sent a help question to FamilySearch about problems I was having viewing images at home, I received a reply that there are problems when using Firefox, but that the Chrome browser or Internet Explorer should work. I switched to Chrome, and since then the images have been displaying fine.

    -- Joan Powell (California)