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AGRA recognises University of Dundee genealogy courses qualifications

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AGRA recognises University of Dundee Family History qualifications in Membership & Associate applications

The University of Dundee’s post-graduate qualifications in Family and Local History are the latest to be recognised by AGRA. This applies to all three levels of post-graduate qualification in Family and Local History offered by Dundee University’s Centre for Archive and Information Studies (CAIS), with a requirement that students must have taken the “Skills and Sources for Family & Local History in England” module as one of their course options.

This means that Dundee graduates, working professionally in genealogy, can now apply for AGRA Membership by submitting just one example of client work, rather than three. This is the same as the arrangements already in place for holders of similar Post-Graduate qualifications from Strathclyde University, the Higher Certificate of the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies, and Pharos Tutors/Society of Genealogists’ Advanced Skills Certificate.

Applicants for Membership of AGRA must, however, still undergo further rigorous scrutiny by completing a research assignment and attending an interview with AGRA’s Board of Assessors. These requirements set the Association aside from similar bodies and ensure that members are the best in the field.

Antony Marr, chair of the Board of Assessors, said: “Discussions have been ongoing for some time about how these Dundee University qualifications could sit in our assessment process, and AGRA is delighted that this has now been resolved.”

Caroline Brown, Programme Leader for the Family and Local History Programmes at the University of Dundee, said “We are delighted that our courses have been recognised by AGRA and that our students will have the chance to join a professional organisation that recognises expertise in this area.”

Information about the process of joining AGRA and how completion of various genealogy courses affects AGRA Membership requirements is available at:

Information about the CAIS courses at the University of Dundee can be found here:

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UPDATE: I've been advised the Dundee link is currently not working - an alternative link on Dundee family history courses is available at although the postgraduate courses option is temporarily disabled.


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